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Monday , 22 July 2024

Tag Archives: Breath Alcohol Analyser

Mobile Traffic Violation Enforcement Vehicle

Mobile Traffic Violation Enforcement Vehicle from Turbo Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd is a mobile, laser based speed detection system. Fixed laser speed detection systems cannot detect the speed of vehicles accurately beyond a distance of about 1000m due to the fact that as the light emitted by laser speed gun travels farther, the cone diameter of the laser beam increases ...

Breath Analyser with Printer

Subtronics (India) Pvt Ltd has launched a Breath Alcohol Analyser which also has a Printer (Model: SIPL5321). This means that after detecting alcohol vapours in the breath of the suspected offender, the product gives an audio-visual indication if the reading is above the pre-set level. The person blows into the mouth-piece of the instrument and a sample of his/her breath ...