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Saturday , 22 June 2024

Breath Analyser with Printer

Subtronics (India) Pvt Ltd has launched a Breath Alcohol Analyser which also has a Printer (Model: SIPL5321). This means that after detecting alcohol vapours in the breath of the suspected offender, the product gives an audio-visual indication if the reading is above the pre-set level. The person blows into the mouth-piece of the instrument and a sample of his/her breath gets collected in the process. The Printer gives the indication after the sample is scrutinised.

The Analyser uses the Three Status technology which makes it convenient to judge the result at a glance, gives a bright display of the result, tests easily and quickly. Reading latching, non volatile memory, password protected critical menu settings, subject sample blow indicator, print readings with date and time, user selectable multiple number of prints for quality records documentation and long battery life are other features of the instrument.

The product comes in a robust plastic enclosure and can withstand harsh handling. It is shipped in a KIT-FORM with portable printer and other accessories.

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