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Thursday , 20 June 2024

Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS)

Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) involves inflow of information regarding the road status to the road management. It will involve information like traffic hold-up and accidents. HTMS also pertains to subsequent decision making by the road management (Operations) company based on the above information. This might include sending a patrol vehicle to regulate traffic or an ambulance to the accident site. The third role of HTMS is an outflow of information or action taken based on the above process.

Efkon HTMS is a comprehensive system that integrates the Emergency Telephone System, Varibale Message Signs, Weather Monitoring System, Automatic Traffic Control and Classification System, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV Monitoring System, and the Supervisory System at the Control Room into one powerful communicatory information tool for the operations company. Efkon has introduced e-Despatch, a system or automating transport of critical raw materials from mines to the site of construction. This automatic enterprise system ensures that the quantity of raw material delivered to each customer is accurate and furthermore, it stops any leakages that arise due to unauthorised access to the mine.

The system is based on passive RFID based technology for validating the identity of the trucks, as well as to identify the unauthorised trucks. At critical points having important transactions, CCTV cameras are used to capture the image of the truck. The entire system, with equipment like Static Weigh Bridges, Weigh-in-Motion platforms and networked computers (at every stage of the process) for capturing transactions, is an integrated enterprise solution. The system has the ability to generate a wide variety of reports regarding the loading and dispatch of goods as well as vehicle based reports.

RFID systems are used for tracking vehicles in the vast mine areas. The system enables tracking of the unloaded/loaded trucks over important locations (ie Token Gate, Tare Weight, Traffic Point, DC Date, Exit Gate). Thus any truck can be monitored at any point of time on the system.

Efkon’s Tunnel Management system includes Automatic Vehicle Classification System; Emergency Telephone System (enabling hands free communication); CCTV based Monitoring System and Wireless Communication System (operating on VHF band).

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