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Friday , 14 June 2024

Immigration Gates for passenger identity verification

Magnetic Autocontrol, a leading traffic solution provider specialising in barriers, has come up with a high security application for immigration control or management. The application, Immigration Gates, can be used at airports, sea ports or in-land border crossings, for authorising access to any of these places. For this, measurable physical characteristics like finger print, face recognition or palm geometry are used to identify an individual before granting him/her access.

The barrier, generally two meters long, has dual gates on either end of the system and an in-built advanced passenger logic system. This is done to ensure that only one passenger is processed at a given time. The aim, by creating an irrefutable audit trail of events, is to verify the identity and not to establish it. After the high-speed, automated authenticity of the passenger is carried out, a smart card or a chip embedded passport is used for authorisation. During the identification process, a bio-metric reader ensures that the data of the user and the identification document match. Once the authorisation is given, the live immigration data gets updated. This barrier system provides high-end safety and security features to ensure passenger safety and also facilitates the isolation of passengers who are on red alert or identified for interrogation. The process saves time and valuable paper work on passport.

The card can help avoid long immigration lines as it enables a passenger to complete the entry and exit procedure in a few seconds.

Barrier projects of Magnetic Autocontrol have been implemented at Changi Airport, K L Airport, Melbourne Immigration, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt. Every system has unique implementation details but the objective for all the projects is common – securely processing the traveler in a clearly understood and fast manner. Magnetic Autocontrol is the pioneer of Immigration Gates worldwide.

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