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Monday , 2 October 2023

Smart Traffic Solutions from Aabmatica Technologies

Aabmatica Technologies Private Limited, a young professionally managed company based out of Delhi has executed “Maharashtra entry and exit toll project” for vehicle classification counting and ANPR data. The AVCC solution is based on a hybrid technology a combination of Doppler and Laser (only one of its kind) resulting in very accurate counting and classification in multiple classes. The hybrid sensor in addition also provides a three-dimensional vehicle top cloud image which helps in vehicle profiling and reconfirming the vehicle type. Highly ruggedized design allows maintenance-free operation in harsh environmental conditions. A light weight design allows easy installation without any modifications to the existing infrastructure.

In addition to the above project,we have already wonother projects wherethese type of sensorswill be installed invarious arterial roads,intersections, entry-exitsand highways (as a partof smart city project)and analyse historicaldata, provide live trafficdata, manage andstreamline the traffic flows says”,Arvind Tewari, Director, Aabmatica Technologies.

The present, past and future of traffic data with good accuracy can shape traffic flow and help road and police authorities in managing traffic in a most efficient way. “We believe that rather than rediscovering the wheel it is better to modify the wheel to suit the road.” Having collaborated with world leaders, our team at Aabmatica has become well equipped to make traffic systems really smart,” says Arvind Tewari. The company has introduced various leading-edge technologies in India in various traffic verticals like ANPR, Instant/ Average Speed/Red Light violation detection systems, Intersection / Arterial/Highway /Toll management, Mobile applications like E-fine and TARS.

“We believe that a “Smart” solution needs to collect traffic data on a regular basis. The data if analysed systematically, helps in streamlining the traffic by providing inputs to the traffic light controllers. This data also provides alarms on some irregular trends observed and corrective action can be taken.

“We collect this data through sensors which could be laser, radar or a combination of these. These help in Intersection management by providing details like traffic queues, speeds, headway and occupancy. The data is also collated at a centralized control room to provide the big picture of the city and can also be used for general public information as VMS or as a public utility. This helps in analysing traffic data of the past, present and based on big data analysis predicting the future.”

Aabamatica is one of the few companies to possess all the available technologies to capture instant speed violations, like video analytics, radar and laser were very high level of speed detection accuracies are attained. These include certified systems meeting various industry specific standards and qualify to be used for collection of financial penalties. Average speed detection systems using patented technologies help detection of smart offenders who have avoided instant speed violation detection. The company has recently installed Radar based speed violation detection systems at various places in Mumbai including Sea-link confirms their spokesman.

“We are in the process of further strengthening our portfolio with tie ups with world leaders in the traffic management segment in order to maintain our versatility in this vertical,” adds Tewari.

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