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Monday , 22 July 2024

‘Smart Pole’ in Coimbatore

Civic body of Coimbatore will soon install a ‘smart pole’ at the Gandhipuram signal that will not just have a street light but also Wi-Fi, CCTV surveillance system, GPRS system and support in efficient parking management. The design for the pole has been confirmed and the civic body will call for the tenders soon.

The smart pole will be integrated with the common control room where the entire data will be stored. A mobile application and online portals will be integrated with the smart pole. Cameras on the poles, which will be linked to the control room & the common command centre, will be used for surveillance and to collect information such as the number of a vehicle passing through an area, parking slots and speed of a vehicle.

The Wi-Fi and GPRS system will help the corporation provide smart parking system that will be run through mobile applications. When the mobile application is downloaded and the location entered, parking slots will appear for people to choose from. The smart sensors will help in effective traffic management.

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