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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Smart Bus Stop

SuperUs Systems Pvt Ltd has introduced a new technology called Smart Bus Stop which aims to make public transport convenient and easier. The Smart Bus Stop is an inclusive infrastructure initiative to transform the transportation industry by providing ease and accessibility to passengers. With quick updates and centralized operations, passengers can easily find accurate time of arrival. The vandal-proof display is made sturdy with premium materials and takes only 30 minutes for installation.

The high-contrast display offers excellent readability for real-time arrival information, service alerts, and route display, all updatable from a central location. The EPD-based device operates on sustainable solar-powered technology.

Colour BW
Chipset Ultra-low power 32-bit MCU
EPD Driver Powerful & Modular EPD Driver capable enough to drive 9.7”, 10.3”, 13.3” E-Paper Displays
Power Solar & AC
Connectivity GSM

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