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Wednesday , 22 May 2024


The Expo got a traditional start with the lighting of lamp by SVR Srinivas, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA. Joining him were specially invited Guests, Expo Partners, and the Management team.

One of the world’s best Mobility Shows”, this was the unanimous sentiment expressed by the majority of participants, visitors, and delegates from Government departments, enforcement authorities, solution providers and other stakeholders at the 10th edition of TrafficInfraTech Expo along with Parking InfraTech Expo, Road InfraTech Expo, and Smart Mobility Expo.

The Expo created a never before ambience with more than 100 exhibitors and 4500 + visitors from several segments spent quality time at the booths to gain deep insights into traffic & transport management, infrastructure, safety, parking and smart mobility technologies. Again, the vibrant parallel Conference was lapped up by delegates across the country. Discussions, presentations, interactions… Encouragingly, many promised to come back to the next edition to see more technology & innovations, get into more and more business meets and gain more knowledge.

“The TrafficInfraTech Expo keeps bettering the previous best”, commented the experts. As Ravi Redhu, Turbo Technologies- Australia put it, “I should say I have attended a lot of mobility events but this expo was very systematically organized. A lot of international participation also contributed greatly. It was a good opportunity to introduce ‘Make in India’ products in the Australian market. Getting to know newer technologies in Traffic & Transportation segment always excites me. A wonderful experience.”

The exhibitors reiterated that the expo provides an excellent platform for showcasing systems and technology. “The response was very encouraging. Never has been so many senior Enforcement Authorities, City Developers, PWD engineers, Smart City developers & other Government officials and OEM partners have come together to discuss Road and Traffic related technology.”

For first timers, participating in an expo of this scale was a great experience. “We were excited to find core decision makers from the Ministries visiting our stall and enquiring about our futuristic technology.”

The exhibitors were enthusiastic to talk about the latest technology offerings. Rajesh Palkar, Vice President-Government & Consultant Business, Prama India, said, that the company’s latest products and solutions were based on the cutting-edge transformative technologies and applications. “The brand is creating new opportunities for ecosystem partners, system integrators, and application developers by focusing on India-specific products.”

According to A L Narasimhan, Vice President-Strategic Business Alliance, Prama HIK Vision India Pvt Ltd, the facial recognition system, the machine vision cameras and deep learning algorithms, are some of the upcoming technologies the company is working on.

Norden Communications is into a range of ELV solutions- CCTV & surveillance systems, public address systems, access control systems, data cabling etc. “All our products are set up based on the standard protocols set by IEC, and have open interface which can seamlessly integrate with any system, so there are no inter-operability issues,”explained Prashant Oberoi, Manager- National-Sales.

Dhaval Desai, Managing Director & CEO, Trafitek Solutions Pvt Ltd was excited to reveal three new products this year at the Expo. Pedestrian synchronized bollards illuminate as per the pedestrian lights; if the light goes red or green the bollards turn red or green too. If the pedestrian failed to notice the traffic or pedestrian light, the bollards can indicate the road user whether to cross the road or not.

The other product launched was the ‘Triple I’ which is integrated illuminated intelligent pole. The pole gets illuminated as per the traffic lights and directions. The Asset Management exhibited by Trafitek is another unique software solution that can track the fixed assets on the road. The QR code enabled system can register and verify the assets.

The Bernard Mobility Analyser from Bernard Gruppe is an intelligent optical system for the detection and classification of road users. The data is processed and evaluated directly in the sensor, making the system GDPR compliant. The BMA is used for automatic traffic surveys, analyses of movement flows and surveys of parking space utilization.

The 4D imaging radar from Steradian Semi-Conductor Ltd has multiple applications, one among them is traffic management for ITMS segment. Under ITMS, the system has multiple usage like speed enforcement especially speed violation on multiple lanes. “Based on the zones and classification of the vehicles, we can identify the vehicles violating the speed. We work pre-dominantly with the camera OEMs and SI’s, our system helps to solve the problem of safety on highways. The radars are not just accurate, it has all the international certifications complying to safety standards,” explained Ashish Lachhwani, Co-Founder.

 With the ADAS (Advance Driver Assistance System) device from Netradyne, the fleet owner can constantly monitor every moment of the driver right from the time he sits behind the wheel; every minute driving habits like speeds, braking, acceleration are captured by our device in real-time. “Our device is based on AI computation with high definition cameras, it captures every nuances of driving behavior & habit which can help to correct at the root itself, and your subsequent pyramid gets much stronger,” said Shivkumar Balasubramanian, Director, Sales.

Another company that provides road safety and driver assistance products is Australia based MetroCount. Maurice Berger, Business Development Manager was happy about the response the just launched RoadPod® VM magnetometers received at the Expo. These are small, unobtrusive and off-grid vehicle counters that provide real-time data on traffic movements. It is designed to be the simplest and fastest traffic sensor to install on sealed roads or cycleways. One has to simply apply a specialized adhesive pad to the road surface, heat and place the magnetometer on top. Each sensor captures time-stamped vehicle information independently, transmitting it to a central gateway that combines the information and securely sends the raw data to the Cloud.

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