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Wednesday , 10 April 2024

Right Technology in the Right Place

Trafficinfratech caught up with Vivek Bhimanwar, Transport Commissioner, Government of Maharashtra, during the Expo

What trends do you see in Traffic & Transport.

Today, the most alarming aspect of India’s situation is that we have the highest number of road accidents and fatalities in the world. With the GDP increasing and spending power of people increasing, vehicle density is also on the rise but what is more alarming is the number of road injuries and deaths. In my opinion, the application of artificial intelligence with 5G technology, the combination of these technologies at an appropriate time, will definitely reduce road accidents.

My experience at the TrafficInfraTech exhibition led me to believe that the right technology used in the right place can drastically reduce the number of road fatalities.

Technologies and Innovations

Today, daily road accidents and deaths in these accidents have become a major issue all over the world and the world is looking towards India for solutions. Each time we have shown our ability but while the world is looking towards us for guidance, ours is also a country with the highest number of road accidents and fatalities.

In order to avoid future accidents, we need to move away from the faceless system and improve driver skills. Since 82% of road accidents and 84% of casualties are always the result of driver errors, a real-time alert system is needed to keep the driver informed and prevent future accidents from occurring. An artificial intelligence-based technology can make this possible.

Takeaway from the Expos

Technology is continuously updated, and TrafficInfraTech expo is a wonderful opportunity to see the latest technologies and trends. I am confident that these technologies will undoubtedly contribute to a safer environment.

The traffic and transport industry should emphasize customer needs and customization in order to meet the needs of customers. As it turns out, the traffic industry meets these needs quite well

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