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Wednesday , 22 May 2024

Road safety Solutions from Traffic Logix India

India’s roads have long been plagued by a devastating number of accidents;  however, with the advent of innovative road safety solutions, there is hope for a safer future. Traffic Logix India, explores the multi-layered approach adopted by the Company to address the epidemic of traffic deaths in Indian cities. By leveraging data solutions, raising awareness through radar signs, and implementing enforcement measures such as speed cameras, the aim is to bring about a transformative change in road safety.

Enhancing Road Safety in India Through Advanced Technology and Data Analysis

The company road safety strategy lies in the collection of intersection data using advanced technology called Argos. By analysing this data, authorities can identify high-risk areas and formulate effective countermeasures, enhancing the safety of intersections.

To further enhance road safety, Traffic Logix India employs the use of Speed Tracker and Speed Tracker Plus for mid-street data collection. These systems capture real-time data on vehicle speeds.

Driver Awareness and Responsible Behaviour with Radar Signs

Radar signs play a vital role in raising awareness among drivers and promoting responsible behaviour on the roads. Traffic Logix India utilizes two types of radar signs:

  • Speed Feedback Signs: According to feedback from traffic officials, in areas where radar speed signs were installed, cars went from 50mph (80km/h) to 35mph (56km/h), contributing to a significant drop in speeds. These signs display the speed at which vehicles are traveling, providing immediate feedback to drivers. Studies have shown that when warned by a radar sign, motorists slow down 80% of the time.
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS): Variable Message Signs are dynamic electronic signs that can display customized messages to drivers. These signs can convey important road safety messages, such as reminders about speed limits, upcoming hazards, or traffic conditions. They serve as a visual trigger, stimulating the driver’s brain and helping them identify potential dangers.

Two-Layered Road Safety Approach: Radar Signs and Speed Cameras for Reinforced Awareness and Enforcement

To reinforce the impact of awareness measures, Traffic Logix India combines radar signs with speed cameras, creating a two-layered approach to road safety.

  • Municipal Enforcement Cameras: These speed cameras automatically capture images or videos of vehicles exceeding the speed limits. In India, over-speeding emerged as the cause of 69.6% of the lives lost due to traffic rule violations. By enforcing penalties and deterring reckless driving, these cameras contribute to reducing speeding violations.
  • Corporate and Campus Cameras: Speed cameras deployed in corporate and campus environments help enforce speed limits within private premises, ensuring the safety of employees, visitors, and students.
  • Private Community Cameras: In residential communities, private community cameras act as an additional enforcement measure, capturing evidence of speeding violations and fostering a culture of responsible driving.

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