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Friday , 17 May 2024

4D imaging radars from Steradian

Traffic Density and increasing speed within and outside cities and highways are matters of concern. Currently, enforcement authorities use only cameras (may not be reliable for speed), Lidars (does not function under adverse weather conditions), and Speed Guns (needs Police personnel). Apart from the above, there has been usage of single speed displays which covers fixed range and is ineffective & expensive.

There is a need for using technology /automation to reduce human interventions. Speed deterrents, automation of traffic speed enforcement, solutions to track speed violators and automating the tickets can be more effective.

Radars offer the best solution to take care of all the needs. Steradian offers 4D imaging Radar for ITMS and helps automate Speed enforcement, Traffic control solutions, 4+ Lanes, multiple vehicles monitoring simultaneously and queue length monitoring.

The Radar has been robustly built and has all the relevant certifications including: IP67 certification OIML D11 testing for weather (shock, vibration, salt/mist etc), RTS for speed and range ascertained through OIML R91 certification done (European lab), FCC/CE/ BIS certifications and many more.

Due to its accuracy and automation with camera and speed displays, the Highway Authorities and Smart Cities have started installing these Radars along with cameras and speed displays in several highways. The Driver Alert system along with automated generation of speed tickets reduces high speed traffic accidents.


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