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Saturday , 22 June 2024

Phone technology to reduce traffic problems

The Bangalore Traffic Police has come up with a system that uses the telephone technology to help them manage traffic better and reduce jams. In this, it is taking the help of Mapunity (the developer of geographic information systems and services) and Airtel (telecommunications service provider). The urban traffic information system for Bangalore known as Bangalore Transport Information System (BTIS), is the first of its kind live traffic information system in India.

Through BTIS, cell phone tower logs of Airtel’s Bangalore network generate real-time traffic information and make it available to commuters to see live congestion hotspots, find directions and plan their travel routes. Airtel customers get the information through SMS by using a short code while the non-Airtel customers can get it by dialing a ten digit number. BTIS also provides a car-pool facility through which mobile phone users can send text messages to other BTIS users to find people willing to car-pool with them.

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