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Monday , 17 June 2024

Roads to become greener

RePLAY™, India’s first and only eco-friendly , introduced by Green Mile Infra Pvt Ltd recently, has been certified by Central Road Research Institute (CRRI). A patented bio-based asphalt preservation agent, RePLAY reverses the oxidation of bitumens in the asphalt mix without emitting life-threatening greenhouse gases like CO2. It thus extends the life of asphalt roads. According to Shankar Rao, MD, Green Mile Infra, About 90% of the road pavements in India are asphalted. Asphalt oxidises over time. Improper water drainage system, oxygen in the air and overload wears it out and it becomes brittle due to oxidation leading to cracks and potholes on the surface. It becomes essential to resurface the entire area thereby increasing the financial burden of the concerned authority or contractor. But when treated with RePLAY™, the past oxidation gets reversed and the surface becomes usable for another three to five years at a minimal cost. It also makes the surface skid resistant.

RePLAY is developed and manufactured by BioSpan Technologies, Inc. of Missouri, USA. It is carbon negative, safe for the environment and user and easy to apply. After it is applied to an asphalt surface, the solution penetrates up to 1.25 inches deep in the asphalt in a few minutes and reverses the oxidation process.

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