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Wednesday , 17 July 2024

Parking Management System

Parklite from FAAC India Pvt Ltd is a state-of-the-art parking management system which issues bar coded tickets for paid users and cards for regular/VIP users. The system helps to create a smooth flow of parking traffic and increases footfall. It minimizes entry & exit traffic blockages while providing occupancy availability status with online reports and simplified and customized programmable ticket printing. Users can get the status whether the parking is full or empty, by seeing the Occupancy Indicating Light. User enters the parking lot, if the light is green; a presence loop helps activate the Ticket Dispenser to issue tickets. The bar coded ticket is given out by pressing the button on Ticket Dispenser. The cashier verifies ticket with Bar Code Scanner, while the fee to be collected is displayed on Toll Display. The report is automatically updated on computer and is issued to the customer. While the receipt is being printed, simultaneously the system issues another command to open the barrier for the vehicle to exit. Regular users can show the card to the Card Reader placed at entry. While leaving, the user again verifies his card at the exit reader, and exits as the barrier opens.

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