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Sunday , 14 July 2024

Panaji to get more pedestrian friendly streets

The Goa government recently unveiled a new plan that aims to improve mobility through the congested streets of the state?s capital Panaji, by strengthening public transport facilities and introducing better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. Under the plan, some of the busiest roads will be made pedestrian-only areas. The plan urges citizens to leave their vehicles behind and use public transport buses. To strengthen public transport, a modern minibus service with very cheap fares will be introduced. This will be cross-financed by on-street parking fees, a step which will have the additional benefit of reducing the number of vehicles entering the city. Seven different bus routes spanning Panaji, Bambolim, Taleigao and St Cruz will have bus stops every 150m, with bus frequency being one every 10-12 minutes. Residents entering Panaji via the road for work every day will have to park their vehicles at a free parking area proposed at the Mandovi river?s north bank, and a shuttle service will transport them to their work places. Or, they could get on to the ferry boats that will ply from ferry points at the north bank of the Mandovi, Betim and Reis Magos, to ramps on the riverfront in Panaji. From there, they could either walk to their destination using the pedestrian only zones, or hire a bicycle. Cycling lanes will be built in all the major roads of the city. Similarly, access to the southern part of the city would be improved by a four-lane highway that would be constructed from Bambolim to Panaji via Dona Paula.

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