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Sunday , 3 March 2024

More electronic test tracks at Bangalore

The Karnataka government is in the process of building two electronic driving test tracks in Bangalore for testing the aspiring drivers before issuing them driving licences. These electronic test tracks would do away with the need of human test inspectors as tests would be done electronically. These, the second and the third electronic test tracks in the city, would serve residents of the eastern and northern suburbs. The first one was commissioned in September 2010 and was the first such testing track in the country.

The first track caters to aspiring drivers in the western suburbs of the city and is currently operating at full capacity. Those undergoing the test will have to pass different skill tests such as parking, parallel parking, driving reverse, uphill etc. The tests taken by the participants are recorded and the results are given to the participants on the spot along with the recorded CD. While the system tests an applicant, others waiting in turn can see the tests on television screens. The testing system uses electronic sensors and has one testing track for four wheelers and two tracks for two wheelers.

The computer which records the test deducts marks each time the vehicle touches any pole on either side of the s-shaped track. Two wheeler aspirants have to drive through a zig-zag shaped track to pass the test. The project is funded by the Union Ministry of Information Technology. The tracks are being built at the Regional Transport Office Jnana Bharati by Cascade Systems in collaboration with the public sector company KEONICS.

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