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Friday , 23 February 2024

Kritikal Solutions introduces IECD

Kritikal Solution has introduced a PC based software – Image Enhancement and Change Detection Module (IECD) that offers a solution to the problem of providing day and night unmanned surveillance. IECD creates mosaics from a live video feed coming from a continuously panning camera and detects the changes across different frames of the same scene. It tracks the detected objects, giving their accurate geographical location on the output video. Its in-built image enhancement techniques provide better quality output, enabling reliable and efficient, manned/unmanned surveillance of the sensitive areas. The software also comes with a secure configuration mechanism, making it tamper proof. The IECD features day and night operation with a large range of 4 to 5km. It provides real-time seamless video mosaic with support for both thermal and CCD cameras. It has inbuilt image enhancement techniques to provide better quality output. It also includes post-processing activities like on-demand zoomed view of a particular frame of the scene, extensive activity logs for recording history of the intruder movement and configurable options to set up grid references.

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