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Thursday , 20 June 2024

Sernis develops Intelligent Wrong Way Detector

Sernis Inc has developed a solar powered Intelligent Wrong Way Detector SK-WWD that enables real time detection of vehicles moving the wrong way on a highway. The Detector which uses a real-time image processing technology works with a range of pavements. It comprises a sensor type camera, which identifies vehicles in the wrong lane, and a dynamic sign. The dynamic sign can be configured with messages that immediately alert other drivers about the presence of vehicles moving the wrong way. The SK-WWD can also send alerts by SMS/GPRS to appropriate authorities so that other preset warning signs can be activated and security measures can be implemented. It can be remotely configured through mobile broadband connection to set up the regions of interest, directions of movement, and speed parameters. The Detector can detect vehicles even in difficult conditions such as day-night and night-day transitions, sudden variations in lighting conditions caused by natural and artificial lights and in the presence of elements such as trees.

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