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Saturday , 20 April 2024

Interview: Excellence through Technology, Innovation and Strategy

Prashant Oberoi, Head Sales – Government Business (India), Norden Communication Pvt Ltd

A global leader with more than two decades of operations, Norden Communication serves as a one-stop shop for all the ELV (Extra Low Voltage) needs of any enterprise. Every business vertical has unique needs in terms of CCTV, Public Address Systems, Access Control Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, UPS, Emergency Signboards, and passive solutions, and Norden caters best to these through its various sub-brands. In this interview with Trafficinfratech, Prashant Oberoi, Head Sales – Government Business (India), Norden Communication Pvt Ltd, discusses the company’s growth and journey over the past few years.

The Norden Communication is one of the established names for a wide range of applications, including telecommunications and surveillance…

Norden is a leading global manufacturer and supplier brand specialised in offering Surveillance Solutions, Access Control Systems, Public Address Systems and Cabling Solutions. Headquartered in the UK, the company delivers cutting-edge solutions for telecommunications, infrastructures, utilities, industries, and other varied verticals.

The company strives to enhance the quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and inspiring. Today, its offerings are delivered across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia & APAC. Norden has direct operations in 18 countries and sales operations in 26 countries. Incorporating smart & cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) into our solutions, we offer intelligent surveillance solutions built after thorough research, guaranteeing that the customer will receive hassle-free support and deliveries from a single manufacturer.

In the mobility space, what are the main applications of Norden solutions? 

Mobility has become increasingly intelligent, as advanced technologies and solutions are being invented and introduced to improve traffic, transportation management, and road & public safety. With advances like the Vehicle Speed Detection System (VSDS), Vehicle Incident Detection System (VIDS) and the Traffic Management and Control System (TMCS) for Adaptive Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) or Highway Traffic Management Systems (HTMS), the traffic industry continues to grow. With surveillance and video analytics integral to these Traffic Systems, Norden has been at the forefront of adapting to the industry’s requirements, and are fully equipped to offer our expertise. Recently, we committed to a prestigious project with the National Highway Authority of India and look forward to providing our surveillance solutions tailored to the project.

For highway management, there is a need for more intelligent systems like ATMS. We design our solutions with highly advanced technologies to blend in with these systems and deliver intelligent and innovative results. The goal of Norden has been to combine surveillance solutions with systems such as ATMS to make traffic management systems smarter. At Norden, we ensure our surveillance system not only improves cities & mobility, but also helps build smarter, safer and more efficient cities. Our surveillance system is integrated into an Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) and Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) in various cities worldwide, and our goal is to offer a solution that makes the lives of citizens and tourists better. We have achieved excellent results in our services with projects such as Varanasi Smart City and Da Lat City Vietnam.

We have not limited our solutions to surveillance alone, though. Norden has developed intelligent Public Address Systems specifically designed for transportation and traffic requirements, such as IP Wall Mount Video Intercom Terminals and PoE Wall Mount Video Intercom Terminals, which can be used in case of emergency in traffic management and other areas.

How has the market for surveillance evolved in India?

India’s surveillance market shifted by upgrading Analog cameras to IP-based cameras and improvised surveillance solutions. With the adaptation, the markets witnessed a growing demand for IP surveillance and its advancement. IP surveillance facilitated the monitoring and management of surveillance data, but data started to flow with its advancement. The surveillance system implemented in a critical environment is now “flooded with data” compared with the age of “no data available”.

As a result of this overflow of data, assessing the problem or situation is becoming more difficult. Therefore, Norden is associating with partners, focusing on “AI-based video analytics and IoT” based surveillance solutions, which would ensure filtered data for easier monitoring and consistent vigilance.

The market for surveillance in India has been consistently witnessing growth and change. Safety and security are essential to ensure that advanced technologies are used to maintain vigilance and constant monitoring. Norden is a name synonymous with the leading name offering the best solutions fit for any industry. Our products and solutions are becoming more intelligent with the changing and demanding markets. Norden Communication consistently strives to make our services accessible to everyone using technology.

What are the products/technology you are showcasing at TrafficInfraTech Expo in Mumbai in November?

Norden will exhibit some of its high-tech and innovative products & solutions. As a part of our surveillance system range, we will be offering specialized application cameras, such as Thermal Cameras, Explosion & Corrosion Proof Cameras, and NVRs, along with regular IP cameras such as Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, PTZ cameras, Body Worn Cameras, etc. Additionally, we also offer solutions for public address systems, access control systems, fire alarm systems, UPS systems, emergency sign boards, and passive solutions. As part of our Public Address System from NVS, we offer a wide variety of IP-based microphones, speakers, and video intercoms.

From our Access Control range by Secnor, another Norden sub-brand, there will be various Access Control Systems like the Waterproof Fingerprint Access Control and Facial Fingerprint Access control. Norden also offers a wide variety of Cabling Systems, we will showcase a select selection of Copper & Fiber cables, cabinets & accessories, data center cabinets, and other cabling products & accessories at the Expo.

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