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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Integrated ANPR/CCTV camera

CA Traffic, a leading traffic monitoring company, has launched the EVO-X camera featuring a completely new design combining state-of-the-art technology and extensive functionality. The camera boasts dual functionality and can be switched to CCTV mode with live video streaming and Pan-Tilt-Zoom capability. Other features include three lane field of view, motorised zoom lenses for both ANPR and overview sensors, OCR engine options, the ability to read retro and non-retro plates simultaneously, a full range of communications options (including 4G). The camera incorporates the latest image processing and communications technology in a highly modular design. This allows functionality to be tailored to individual end user requirements at the optimum price / performance point.

Some of the features are as below:

• Full HD ANPR and day / night colour overview sensors

• Massively powerful image processing capability

• On-board ANPR captures three lanes from a single camera

• Multiple simultaneous plate reads in each lane

• Ground breaking night-vision overview technology

• IP video streaming from both sensors

• Motorised zoom lenses: ANPR and overview

• PTZ control for CCTV operation, auto-return to ANPR mode

• Super-fast setup and redeployment

• Second modem option for remote maintenance

• Tailored datasets transmitted to multiple hosts

Due to the modular systems architecture, subsequent future models will scale down to meet the access control and parking markets as well as moving up towards higher specification tolling market applications.

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