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Thursday , 16 May 2024

Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs by Photonplay are the complete solution to the modern day dynamic traffic. The VMS boards consists of LEDs which is available in three different variants, mono-coloured, two-coloured and multi-coloured with different pixel pitches and matrix. These signboards are bright enough to be seen in the scorching sun and can auto-adjust to the ambient brightness and even at night. The dynamic nature of the boards helps it to display messages instantly and help in saving time and from huge traffic jam.

The VMS is the safest means for alerting the drivers about dynamic changes in the traffic arrangements and road situations. These devices can easily aware the motorists about the work zones, diversions, lane merging & closures, parking bays and similar blockades. The VMS boards use latest technology to provide accurate and instant information to the people driving on the road.

All the VMS boards are customisable and can be modified to meet client’s requirement. The custom software developed by Photonplay’s inhouse team is easy to use and the operators can use them very efficiently to manage the dynamic traffic in and around the city and also on the highways.

Photonplay have their maintenance and the support centres in various countries worldwide.


• Highways: These display units find their maximum utilisation on highways where they are used to display information like lane merging, tolls ahead, bridges, tunnels, turn-off points, accidents or incidents, emergency conditions like landslides or mudslides etc.

• City Streets: the VMS signs displays the traffic conditions, congestions, speed limits, closed roads, weather reports, AQIs etc and directs the drivers to opt for a smoother road with less traffic

• Boards with in-built radar can display the speed limit and ask the specific vehicles to slow down if they violate the limit.


• It comes with a glare-free display by using specialised lens over the LEDs

• It comes with Stand-alone, fixed as well as portable units

• Power supplied via mains, battery or through solar power enabling it to be installed virtually anywhere.

• Wired as well as wireless connectivity make every unit easily programmable and display the latest message with no time lag.

• Perfectly sealed, weatherproof and resistant to vibrations.

• Confirm to various standards like the IP 67, TR2136, EN 12966-1 etc to fulfil the requirements of specific countries.

• Highly energy efficient

• Customisable Dimensions making it extremely flexible

• User-friendly software interface makes it easy for the operators to display the information and modify it without much problem

• Optional features like traffic detection, videosurveillance and monitoring.

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