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Thursday , 20 June 2024

INRIX develops Android based traffic application

INRIX, a US based provider of traffic information and intelligent traffic services has developed a traffic application for Android users. The application generates traffic information by analysing real-time data from road sensors, traffic incident reports, crowd-sourced data and other public and private sources. The principal aim of the application is to help motorists tackle rising fuel prices. The application gives daily updated fuel price information at more than 10,000 petrol pumps (gas stations in US parlance) across the US, and at the same time gives location information about the cheapest petrol pumps along a particular route. Another feature is the up-to-the-minute traffic maps for about one million miles of highways, interstates and city streets in the country. A forecast slider predicts traffic conditions, weather conditions and travel times expected to vary over the next eight hours and helps drivers choose the best routes and reach their destination on time. Users can customise the application to suit their individual travel requirements to get information on delays and alerts on accidents. A premium version of the INRIX application offers more tools and features such as the option to add more destinations and the ability to view traffic conditions through the company’s network of more than 10,000 traffic cameras.

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