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Monday , 22 July 2024

Innovative Parking Solutions

Today parking management and parking infrastructure planning has become as essential as management of traffic. Techsture Technologies with its experience in intelligent transport systems has evolved parking systems that are configurable to wide variety of project needs, ranging from simple parking system to automated with cloud based system to meet your parking needs. One case study here exemplifies how parking system can benefit and also help reduce cost.

Sumel Business Park -1, in Ahmedabad is a vast complex of buildings with huge basement parking having capacity of 500 cars and 1000 two wheelers. Being member specific parking space allocated, it was difficult to control the vehicles coming in going out. Also, people having only one parking were bringing in multiple vehicles. This also required security guard to be stationed 24×7 at both entry and exit points to keep watch on vehicles. Understanding the pain areas, Techsture proposed and installed automated parking system with members having RFID smart card access. The system was engineered in a way to detect two wheelers and four wheelers at entry and exit points. Benefits that followed were:

  • No manpower required. Previously seven security guards were engaged
  • Those who have two wheeler parking cannot take cars and vice versa.
  • Members can take vehicles based on vehicle type and parking space allocated.
  • Eliminated practice of parking two or more vehicles if a member is allocated just one.
  • Both entry and exit points have vehicle photo and number plate capture. This has enhanced security of the parking space.

The entire electronic systems are engineered and manufactured in house by Techsture. They are designed to withstand high temperature of summer with entry station kept in open sun, and cabinet temperature reaching 70~80OC in summer.

Techsture has innovations at all levels of electronics, software and systems engineering and come up with solutions to meet challenging requirements of parking especially when it’s a combination of open space, street side, multi plots and multi layer parking. The company has been awarded twice as the Best Electronics Company in the state of Gujarat.

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