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Thursday , 13 June 2024

HP software to power Auckland’s Smart City project

Auckland Transport, overseeing the city’s transportation infrastructure and services, will use video analytics from Hewlett Packard in its plan to execute a visionary project designed to provide a safer community and more efficient roadways. The project will be powered by HP IDOL and will run on servers and storage from HP Enterprise Group, with support from HP Software Professional Services. In the first phase of the project, the focus will be on improving public safety. The city’s law enforcement agencies will use HP Intelligent Scene Analysis System and licence plate recognition for accurate identification and scene analysis for dangerous activities and to analyse safety threats from over 2,000 cameras deployed within Auckland. HP’s integrated big data platform HAVEn will be used to analyse, understand and act on a vast range of data, including text, images, audio and real-time video. The system will leverage data from a variety of sources, including thousands of security and traffic management cameras, a vast network of road and environmental sensors as well as real-time social media and news feeds.

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