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Friday , 24 May 2024

Tom Tom Telematics presents new driver terminals

TomTom Telematics presented its new PRO 8 series driver terminals at the recently held IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hannover, Germany. The driver terminals are connected to the SaaS fleet management platform WEBFLEET, and are designed to seamlessly integrate information captured in the field into back-end systems and thus enable decision making based on real-time data. The new API, PRO.connect offers new opportunities to customize the driver terminal with apps to further digitize the workflow process. Applications such as vehicle checks, proof of delivery, question paths and barcode scanning can be integrated into WEBFLEET workflow, making life on the road easier for mobile workers and, but also improving service quality for end-customers. The PRO 8270 8275 comes with a mobile device management platform to administer the various apps and workflow scenarios. This gives customers full control over platform and devices, and the ability to service the driver terminal remotely. Companies using this platform ensure information security and contribute to increased safety on the road by reducing driver distraction. Mobile apps, along with other hardware and software applications available for integration are showcased in WEBFLEET’s’ App Center, which is the first platform in the industry offering readymade integrations for a wide range of software, from standard ERP or warehousing applications up to industry specific industry software.

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