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Friday , 1 March 2024

Electronic Toll Collection System

eToll System from Techsture Technologies is an Electronic Toll Collection System. eToll comprises a Lane System and a Plaza System integrated in an architecture that facilitates easy and accurate toll collection. eToll is engineered to meet difficult toll collection situations on Indian roads. It effectively stops revenue leakage, counteracts mischievous behaviors and has a high uptime performance of 99%. It has multiple fraud capture mechanisms and fail-safe features. Based on whether the classification of the vehicle is done before or after transaction, eToll can be easily configured as a pre-classification system or as a post-classification system. With efficient electronics and a reliable Automatic Vehicle Classification System that gives 98% accuracy, the eToll Pre-Classification system delivers high performance. In the post classification system, the vehicle is manually classified by the operator and thereafter classified by the system, matched for inconsistency. The system classifies vehicles after it has paid the fare at the toll booth. The toll operator classifies the vehicle and issues a ticket. At that moment the camera is triggered to capture the photo of the vehicle. Any mismatch that occurs during classification by the operator is logged and reported.

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