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Wednesday , 21 February 2024

Traffic Telematics Onboard Unit (OBU)

The Traffic Telematics Onboard Unit (QCG 21N) from EFKON India Pvt Ltd is a rugged and robust product that is well suited to the Indian trucking industry. The OBU is compact, tamperproof and without any external visible wiring. Fitted with internal GPS and GSM antennae, it provides accurate and cost-effective GPS location tracking of vehicles. Depending upon the subscription chosen by the customer, it sends location messages with a frequency ranging from 5 seconds to 24 hours, to the authorised personnel. The different alerts provided are: Over Speed (Start & End), Power Supply Disconnect / Reconnect, Harsh Braking, Acceleration /Deceleration, Vehicle Ignition On/Off and Vehicle Stop/Moved alerts. It has a battery backup of 2-5 hours depending on frequency & GSM signal strength and automatically goes into sleep mode after a pre-programmed time. The GSM / GPRS module operates in the dual band of 900/1800 MHz. Other features are a panic/SOS button and customisable tracking frequency.

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