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Monday , 22 July 2024

Editors Page AUGUST – SEPTEMBER 2019

Mangala Chandran
We are excited for two reasons. TrafficInfraTech has completed seven years of publication and with this issue, it is entering the eight year. Being the premier publication to look at Traffic Technology and Infrastructure comprehensively, it has garnered wider readership and acceptance. Secondly, the 7th edition of TrafficInfraTech Expo along with Parking InfraTech Expo has shaped up very well with larger participation by the solution providers. With showcasing of technology as the prime objective, the Show has been maintaining its unique character and identity. The Conference this year too has a line-up of experts from both the Government and the Private sector.

We thank our readers for being with us all through the years. We thank the Traffic Industry for believing in the magazine and the Expo. Most importantly the support & encouragement that we have been getting from the concerned Government departments has been of great value.

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