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Wednesday , 29 May 2024

DMRC to installs Centralized Data Management for Phase III

The Delhi Metro Corporation (DMRC) will install a Centralized Data Management System for gathering data generated during construction of the 53km-long underground corridors of Phase III which involves construction of 74 tunnels. The centralised system will be a tool for data acquisition, visualisation and reporting. It will lower risk during construction by providing information on the progress of the construction of the tunnels, correctness of their alignment and ground settlement. The Data System will be fully integrated with the general project information, ongoing process data, construction schedule, geological measurements and 3D movement of the tunnel boring machines (TBM) and readings of instrumentation devices. The system will also have a map viewer showing the positions of all the TBMs in planned view, apart from highlighting any individual TBM or settlement sensor array for a more detailed view. The system will also help monitor and assess the impact of the construction on buildings and other structures.

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