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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Delhi BRTS to get fully automatic signals

The Delhi government has decided to install fully automatic signals on the Delhi BRTS. The intelligent signalling system (ISS) which was functional till now only during non-peak hours will now be implemented across all 17 junctions. Before going in for the automatic signalling system, the Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transit System (DIMTS), which is the corridor manager for the Delhi BRTS, changed the signal phase cycle of the signals to a five-phase cycle from the earlier six-phase cycle at all the signals. In the five?phase cycle preference will be given to straight and right-moving traffic in both directions. Both buses and vehicles will move in the same phase, with a separate phase for buses being discarded, thus giving this phase more time and enabling traffic to move faster. The entire signal cycle is expected to take a time of 24o seconds. The automatic traffic signalling won?t be however implemented at the Chirag Dilli intersection which has a very high traffic volume and would operate on manually controlled signals.




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