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Saturday , 20 July 2024

Delhi to make roads pedestrian friendly

The Delhi PWD (Public Works Department), in collaboration with the Delhi Police, is working on a plan to make the roads in the city safer and more pedestrian friendly. The plan includes measures such as installing speed calmers, cats eye, delineators and appropriate traffic signage on the roads. This will be doen at about 144 locations identified by the police. The agency will also repaint stop lines and zebra crossings at 481 locations. Foot overbridges and subways will be constructed at busy traffic points to make it easier for pedestrians to cross roads. The traffic police will be able to keep an eye on the traffic and guide vehicles smoothly into multi-level parking lots through platforms constructed by the PWD. At accident prone sites, appropriate signage will be put up and speed calming measures such as rumble strips using thermoplastic paint which reduce the speed of vehicles to about 30-40kmph. There will be a halt and go points for autorickshaws at 222 points in the city.

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