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Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Chicago testing mobile parking app

A new cell phone app which would allow Chicago drivers to pay for a parking meter — or add time to avoid a ticket — is undergone a test drive in a three week pilot programme in West Loop, west of the Loop, Chicago’s central business district. The app – ParkChicago – has been developed by the company Chicago Parking Meter. The pilot programme will cover 279 metered spots and the app vendor Passport Parking, Inc. will get feedback from drivers and rectify problems before expanding the programme to other neighbourhoods. Drivers will feed in a zone number, which is listed on a sign on the street, and both their credit card information and the licence plate. The app will save the information for future purchases. Just 10 minutes before expiry of parking time, drivers will receive an alert to either to get back to the vehicle, or pay more.

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