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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Central assistance to states on road safety

The Central Government will provide a one-time seed capital for Road Safety to each state in the country depending upon vehicle population of a State/UT during the 12th Plan. 50% of the amount collected by way of activities under Motor Vehicles (MV) Act will be credited to this non-lapsable road safety fund, to be used for such area-specific road safety activities as approved by State Road Safety Council and District Road Safety Councils.

As per recommendations in the Sunder Committee report, all states will be required to create a road safety fund for purposes such as procurement and deployment of ambulances and cranes, launching road safety awareness campaigns, setting up Road Safety Councils at State and District levels, setting up web-based data system on the lines of RADMS, setting up Institute of Driving Training & Research ( IDTRs), Driver Training Institutes (DTIs) and Information & Communication (I&C) Centres, training in first aid, training of traffic police and enforcement staff, procuring road safety equipment such as breath analysers, interceptors & speed radar guns and providing emergency care to accident victims.


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