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Friday , 14 June 2024

Caterpillar buses for Ahmedabad BRTS

The Ahmedabad BRTS is getting articulated buses for its fleet. The 18-metre long buses will be able to seat 130 passengers and will cost about Rs.1.2 crore each. A special 11-member committee on ‘Urban Bus’ of the Urban Development Ministry will provide detailed specifications needed for the buses. Two firms, Corona Bus and Chartered bus had initially responded to the Expressions of Interest sent by Ahmedabad Janmarg. Limited (AJL). Now AJL will prepare a fresh tender and send out fresh EOIs based upon the specifications prepared by the Ministry. The designs that were received by AJL were for 800mm. But these are not considered suitable for the Ahmedabad BRTS corridor which requires 900mm buses. With the planned increase in BRTS routes towards the east of the city, AJL is expecting a big increase in passenger traffic.

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