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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Building with roads passing through

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is constructing a unique tower in Gurgaon in the accident prone Hero Honda Chowk. The building will have a portion of the Delhi-Jaipur highway NH8 passing through it on the second and third floors. The building and the elevated roads passing through it are part of a plan to decongest the crowded chowk after a few attempts that failed earlier. The proposal by the Ministry of Road Trasport and Highways envisages three to four elevated stretches of the NH8 inside the building. Local and interstate traffic would be segregated, and would later join the highway through cloverleaf roads which will be through different floors of the building, A cloverleaf road arrangement is a road arrangement resembling a clover leaf for permitting easy traffic movement between two intersecting high-speed highways. The building and the roads inside the building would be constructed by a developer who would rent out the building to recover the investment. The building will be modelled on the 16-storey Gate Tower in Osaka, Japan where a stretch of the Hanshin Expressway passes through its 5th and 7th floors.

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