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Tuesday , 16 July 2024

Products / Systems

WIM Sensors

Double-Length Lineas from Kistler is a state-of-the-art sensor for Weigh-In- Motion applications. It is fully compatible with the previous version (Type 9195E… with length 0.75 m or 1m). However, one sensor row covering a traffic lane consists of only two sensors instead of four. Due to the new length (1.5 m, 1.75 m or 2m), sensor installation and cable routing can be done faster and more easily; as ...

Traffic Signal Controller

Cobalt Traffic Signal Controller from Modi Measurement provides a combination of an Advanced Transportation Controller open architecture functionality with the latest handheld technology and applications. It also features a breakthrough hardened seveninch touchscreen user interface matched with a Linux-based operation system, making programming and access to functions extremely easy. Cobalt helps efficiently manage maintenance and operations and has an intuitive navigation which shortens the learning curve. It has an android type graphical user interface and ...


Barrier Guard Gate from Highway Care International can be installed as a permanent system for both emergency and maintenance operations. Connections to both concrete and guardrail systems with bespoke options are available. It is a standalone system anchored independently of adjoining VRS system. When it is used within a run-off work-zone barrier, Barrier Guard Gate can provide temporary access points during road construction. It has multiple opening options – hinged at either ...

Road Surveys

Indian Road Survey & Management Pvt Ltd provides services to better manage road conditions, assets and assess road safety. Services include: Project & Network Level Road Data Collection & Analysis Functional & Pavement Strength Evaluation Road Safety Analysis Road Asset Management Inventory and Distress Data Collection & Reporting Pavement Performance Evaluation Airport PCN Evaluation E Modulus Evaluation, Pavement Overlay Design and Remaining Life of Pavement Analysis Road Geometry ...


Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) System It is a state-of-the-art infrared, side profile based Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) System with very clear profiles, excellent vehicle separation and hitch detection. Axle detection is done non-intrusively from the profile which eliminates other intrusive sensors such as treadles.  

Modi Measurement

PoliScan redlight This is a laser-based red-light enforcement and documentation system which combines the ability of digital detection and recording using LIDAR with high-resolution documentation of offences. PoliScan red+speed, the combined system provides full red-light enforcement with laser based speed control during all phases of the traffic light (Green, Amber and Red).

Divya Industries

Automatic Multilevel Car Parking System The 18m X 25m system can accommodate 100 cars in 5 floors (20 cars per floor, has less maintenance and operating cost while being safe, secure & environment friendly. It is ideal for shopping malls, offices, IT parks, pay and park, apartments and townships.

Delta India Electronics Pvt Ltd

DLP Video wall The high resolution DLP Video walls are the back bone of thousands of command and control centers around the globe. These video walls have been specifically designed to meet the most demanding control room environments and have become a vital tool for collaborative monitoring and decision making.

Envoys Electronics Pvt Ltd

Trolley Based Portable Wireless Traffic Signal   The portable traffic signal works on radio communication (RF) and does vehicle detection through radar or video vehicle detection. It has multiple timing plans as well as manual operation. The entire inter section signaling communicates on wireless media and avoids the need to dig up roads.

GARD 3 Road Barrier

Gard 3 barrier with 24 volt operation is especially suited for managing quick passages in public parking facilities, hospitals, motor ways, and where maximum performance is required in terms of opening speed and intensive use that lets you through much more quickly. Encoder-based electronic management for obstacle detection and movement control. Display for viewing functions control of safety devices. Has both ...