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Saturday , 20 July 2024

Came India Automation Solutions Pvt Ltd

Came India-PS OnePS One

Automatic system for multi-level parking with web-based technology and Ethernet interface. Modular solution specially designed to meet the typical needs of small, medium and large automated parking areas. Uses web-based technology, can read and recognise international license plates. Records HD images of the four sides of the vehicle, can read 2D barcodes from prints and mobile devices. Versatile connectivity with wire, optic fibre and WiFi options.

Pedestrian Entrance turnstilePedestrian entrance turnstile

Designed for passage selection in high-traffic areas. Stainless steel construction makes it ideal for marine, subway and railway stations; plus sports facilities areas and wherever people flows need to be regulated, while optimizing entrance and exit operations.

GARD 3 Road Barrier

Gard 3 Road BarrierGard 3 barrier with 24 volt operation is especially suited for managing quick passages in public parking facilities, hospitals, motor ways, and where maximum performance is required in terms of opening speed and intensive use that lets you through much more quickly. Encoder-based electronic management for obstacle detection and movement control. Display for viewing functions control of safety devices. Has both photocells and flashing light in the barrier body for safe operation and duration over time. Can be connected up to a back-up generator to ensure operation even during power failures.

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