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Friday , 1 March 2024

Avery Dennison’s India plans

“The Reflective Products Division of Avery Dennison (AD), USA, has a mission to help drivers around the world make it to their destinations safely. We design and manufacture pressure sensitive retro-reflective films used in traffic & highway signs, construction work zones, vehicle visibility, car licence plates and personal safety applications,” said Kelly Winegarden, General Manager, Reflective Films and Traffic & Safety Segment, USA during the last Indian Road Congress Conference in Nagpur.

“We’ve been manufacturing glass bead and prismatic films for over 40 years and are proud to serve the transforming India marketplace with our premium technologies.”

The India market is particularly exciting because of the government’s major commitment to infrastructure connecting the cities, towns and villages to ports, airports, railways and roads. “Not only will the investment help people and goods move effectively in this amazing country – it will also encourage expanded import/export trade when everyone has better access to India’s talented people, natural resources and capabilities. We are pleased to see the IRC and Public Works Departments establish local standards that mirror the high performance and standardised testing of the international community. “With these standards in place, AD’s high performance materials are ready to meet the demanding conditions of India’s roads, railroads, airports and workzones without a lot of customisation.

“Our plan for India involves continuing to hire the best and brightest local employees to further expand our team and support additional projects throughout the country. We will work very hard to support a dynamic market for high performance reflective materials, and to assist all transportation and public works employees in understanding the great choices they have in selecting materials for safe driving in any environment. Avery reflective films will provide the information you need to make it to your destination on time and accident-free.”

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