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Thursday , 22 February 2024

Avery Dennison at Intertraffic Reflective Solutions

At Intertraffic, Amsterdam, in March this year, Avery Dennison showcased its new all-in-one digital printing solution for traffic signs, the Avery Dennison TrafficJet™ Print System. In addition, Avery Dennison featured its full spectrum of high quality omni-directional sheeting. A demonstration area highlighting how quickly Avery Dennison reflective films can be converted was very popular.

The TrafficJet Print System is simple, clean and cost-effective. The state-of-the art system is engineered to offer the simplicity of eco-solvent inkjet printing with long-term durability and warranted sheeting performance.

“We consulted widely with the industry to learn how the global road traffic sign industry is moving forward today – and the Avery Dennison TrafficJet system represents, we believe, an innovative, world-class solution,” said John Peck, Global Product Manager for Traffic & Work Zone Products, Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions.

Avery Dennison is the only full inkjet system provider offering a complete 10 and 12 year warranted, affordable, highly flexible inkjet printing solution with equipment, ink and reflective sheeting for both permanent and work zone signage. The TrafficJet system is ideal for traffic safety and reflective sign producers as well as government agencies that produce or purchase signage.

The Avery Dennison TrafficJet Inkjet Printing System features the TrafficJet 1638, an eight-color inkjet printer. Specially formulated eco-solvent inks for the traffic sign industry are available in the system, providing reflective signmakers and government agencies the opportunity to digitally print both short and long runs of traffic control or other custom signs on a just-in-time basis. TrafficJet is compatible with all Avery Dennison prismatic sheeting series, including T-11500 OmniCube™ Type XI full-cube sheeting and T-6500 HIP sheeting.

Benefits of the TrafficJet Inkjet Printing System include:

– For long-term permanent signage printed on the TrafficJet 1638 and laminated with the recommended protective overlay film, a full 10 to 12 year warranty.

– Specially formulated permanent standard traffic colors meet traffic signage requirements for color, reflectivity, and durability.

– Affordability. TrafficJet eliminates the substantial investment in equipment, production space, and environment controls associated with traditional solvent-based screen print operations.

“TrafficJet provides the ideal opportunity for reflective sign makers to make the change to digital imaging for permanent and construction work zone signage in a cost efficient manner,” said Nick Tucci, Vice President and General Manager of Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions.

Omni-Directional Films Make Reflective Sign-Making Easy

Omni-directional reflective sheeting is rotationally insensitive and results in visually consistent signs for drivers regardless of sign-making practices and mounting orientation. This engineered feature simplifies sign fabrication and eliminates visual inconsistencies seen in rotationally sensitive materials.

Many fabricators nest letters, arrows, signs etc in order to optimize the

amount of sheeting being utilized and to reduce waste.

With traditional prismatic sheeting, nesting can become an issue because darker spots with less reflectivity can occur and when the sign is posted, light will be reflected back to the driver but it may not be as consistent and easily readable as other parts of the sign.

However, omni-directional prismatic sheeting places prisms at various angles within the sheeting to provide consistent appearance regardless of the reflective sheeting’s orientation. This allows sign fabricators to continue nesting as they always have without having to sacrifice reflective performance (Picture 1).

“Our reflective film ranges genuinely are, as our Intertraffic stand theme said, ‘Smart at Every Angle.’ They are easy to convert and apply, easy to plotter cut, and deliver perfect weeding. Once applied, they offer consistent reflectivity values and all the performance qualities you would expect from Avery Dennison retro-reflective films,” said Amandeep Singh, Business Head – South Asia, Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions. “Avery Dennison provides market-leading signage tools for traffic, work zone, and personal safety applications, as well as for vehicle graphics and licence plates.”

OmniCube™, Avery Dennison’s premier full cube microprismatic sheeting, utilizes full-cube prisms to more effectively reflect light back to drivers of all types of vehicles. Using intelligent cube technology, OmniCube sheeting is engineered with a broad array of full cubes with angles tailored to meet the unique needs of drivers in different vehicle types. It precisely aligns the cubes in multiple orientations to delivery consistent performance – whether viewing from a car, truck, sport utility vehicle or motorcycle.

Through interactive displays and sign comparisons, visitors to the stand came away with the understanding that Avery Dennison omni-directional films are truly the only rotationally insensitive prismatic sheeting films on the market and are ideal for any sign of any size or any shape.

“Intertraffic was a huge success for Avery Dennison Reflective Solutions,” emphasized Singh. “We want to thank everyone who visited our stand and learned about TrafficJet and the benefits of Avery Dennison omni-directional films.”

Avery Dennison is a global supplier of retro-reflective sheeting solutions, including glass-beaded, microprismatic and full-cube prismatic sheeting for signs, vehicles, license plates and personal safety applications.

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