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Saturday , 22 June 2024

Laser Technology International Traffic Safety Dealer Meeting

Parallel to Intertraffic, Amsterdam, the Annual International Traffic Safety Dealer Meeting of Laser Technology Inc., (LTI) was hosted at city’s Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center. The meeting saw representatives from many countries including Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The dealer meeting featured presentations from several departments from LTI, such as International Sales, Marketing and Engineering.

David Williams, Laser Technology’s CEO and others from LTI’s executive management team gave a “State of the Union” address in which they explained the financial stability of the company and expected growth potential. Arnie Clarke, Laser Technology’s International Export Director, examined industry trends the company is seeing in the various regions around the world. The Engineering team gave LTI dealers the latest update regarding some of the current research and development projects along with status reports on product solutions that are underway and getting ready to be released into the marketplace.

Iqbal Singh Jagdeva, CEO of Turbo Security-India, shared some exciting projects in which he was currently involved. Jagdeva’s intentions were to educate the dealer group of some obstacles, challenges and opportunities he is facing.

Phil Lack, CEO of Laser Technology Australia, spearheaded a traffic management project working closely with VicRoads from Melbourne, Australia. Five dual traffic laser systems are mounted onto a gantry and looking straight down to cover the traffic flow for each lane. The TruSense T-series scan vehicles 24 hours a day and calculate precise vehicle speed, height, length, headway and occupancy data in real-time. The meeting included product service and operation training sessions.

At Intertraffic, LTI showcased new product offerings that spoke loudly to this particular target market. The TruSense T100/T200 series and TruCapture sensor along with ShareView, the latest software for remotely operating and monitoring the PicoDigiCam product, were on display in LTI’s stand.

The other product highlighted at this year’s convention was ShareView, which allows LTI‘s PicoDigiCam users to remotely monitor and operate the units, thus allowing the video camera system to become part of a fixed speed enforcement system.

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