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Sunday , 21 July 2024

“Vehicle Tracking market in India will reach 150cr”

Anuresh Sharma, Chief Operating Officer, Arya Omnitalk talks about a wide range of sectors including Vehicle Tracking, ETC and Highway Traffic Management solutions.

Arya Omnitalk has been into Vehicle Tracking Systems for a decade. How has the market evolved over the years?

The GPS Vehicle Tracking market in India is largely confined to Trucking, Employee Transportation, Public Transportation and Taxi Management Solutions. The market penetration in the taxi and employee segments has been encouraging whereas the other segments are still grappling with the value proposition.

The industry is still very fragmented with a number of small local and regional players with high attrition of business. Going forward, I definitely see some consolidation happening and customers prefer to deal with serious players who have the necessary support infrastructure. I foresee more realistic business models emerging even in Government buying, especially Public Transportation as well as the Automotive Sector which will discover its own value proposition with advancing vehicle technology. I also see more android, smartphone based applications in some verticals.

Overall, I see a market in excess of  125-150cr per annum going forward.

The Government is going all out for implementing Electronic Toll Collection throughout the country…

AryaOmnitalk is fully geared up to implement ETC Lanes, having already done so for several projects. However until the entire ecosystem for ETC is established, it is unlikely to gain either acceptance from the concessionaires or end users. These include components such as setting up a clearing house, commission structure per transaction acceptable to the financial institutions, universal implementation & complete inter-operability across concessionaires, strict enforcement of ‘only ETC‘ lanes etc.

In this scenario what opportunities do you see for companies such as Arya Omnitalk?

AryaOmnitalk is striving hard to build and capture increasingly higher value for its customers and itself by strengthening its portfolio of solutions through forging alliances (Toll Software, Exit Barriers, Traffic Lights, User Fare Displays, IT hardware etc.) as well as indigenising key elements of its Toll & HTMS solutions viz. TLC, Infra-red AVC, ECBs and the complete SCADA application. AryaOmnitalk is aiming to become an industry standard through offering world-class solutions at locally competitive prices with a globally competitive performance & quality, with a high degree of customisation flexibility, thus also positioning itself for exports in a big way.

What are the unique features of Arya Omnitalk’s Digital Walky Talkie solution?

Arya Omnitalk’s digital- walky talky solution provides never before digital Voice Clarity, Static free, Squelch free, Built in messaging & GPS based vehicle tracking option on call. The system can have multiple sites connected through fibre optic backbones so as have seamless coverage across complete highway stretches be it 50 Km to 500km. All solutions are offered on a turnkey basis with a lifetime support back-up & best-in-class network uptime.

What services do you offer in your Highway Traffic Management System?

We offer consulting, system designing, Project Management, network/system architecture planning, project documentation, system supply and delivery, project execution, Customer’s Training (Operational & Maintenance) Onsite & offsite maintenance, obsolescence management and after-sales services like Annual Maintenance Contract for Toll Collection Systems including ETC, Highway Traffic Management Systems and Digital Radio Communication System.

How has the collaboration with Sanef ITS, France helped Arya Omnitalk?

Sanef ITS being world’s leading Toll and HTMS supplier, implement projects using global engineering practices. Arya Omnitalk has gained knowledge in applying such global engineering practices for project planning, execution and maintenance, thus offering these services at local prices to Indian customers.




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