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Sunday , 3 March 2024

Wi-Fi facility launched on Rajdhani Express

The Railways has launched Wi-fi facility on the Howrah Rajdhani Express as a pilot project. The facility is being offered free of cost currently. The technology uses a satellite communication link to provide internet access to the train and wi-if connectivity to different coaches. The satellite communication link has been arranged through a satellite hub facility set up by Indian Railways. The railways had to overcome many challenges in providing the internet connectivity as the train passes through different types of terrain. The satellite antenna is placed in one of the power cars. Wi-fi radios in each coach provide the link with the satellite antenna. Indoor access points in each coach allow the commuters to access the internet. Commuters intending to use the wi-fi facility can register for it by providing details of the journey such as PNR. The id and password provided for the access remains valid until the end of the journey.



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