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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Warning systems for pedestrian crossings

To make pedestrian crossing safer, Austria based Swareflex, which is into warning systems for pedestrian crossings, has launched Signflash, a light flashing unit with movement sensor. The inbuilt Flashing LED (light-emitting-diode lamp) unit in the product makes it easy to install it on existing traffic signs. Its solar version doesn’t even require ground cables. When the pedestrians are in the crossing area, LEDs automatically flash light left and right. The Signflash on the opposite side of the road gets triggered by wireless signal. Signflash can be used as an independent system or in combination with Levelite, another product in the same category. Two Signflash systems are required for each pedestrian crossing. There are two products in this category – Signflash 630 and Signflash 900. While the former with a width of 630mm has an integrated control unit with battery, the latter with a width of 900mm has an integrated control unit and battery with solar power pack.

Another product in this category, Levelite, is a flush-mounted optical guidance system for pedestrian crossings. It protrudes no more than 3mm above road surface and hence, is able to withstand traffic and even snow ploughs. Its patented clamping mechanism permits precise positioning of lens for traffic flow. The system has a variety of functions like continuous light, flashing and brightness that can be selected from the control unit. The recommended configuration is at least 4 Levelites per lane. It can either be installed as an independent system or in combination with Signflash. It is available in two colours – white and yellow.

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