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Thursday , 23 May 2024

Parking Guidance System

Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) has come out with ST380 Pegasus, an innovative Parking Guidance System that provides drivers with real-time indication of available parking spaces and saves them the trouble of going around the car park hunting for empty space. Multiple display boards at strategic locations help direct the drivers to the nearest available space quickly. Similarly, sensors located at each parking lot send a signal to the system whenever a lot is vacated thus allowing another vehicle to enter the car park. A vehicle detector bar placed at the entrance of each zone updates the display to avoid guiding too many vehicles to the area at the same time.

It is ideal for installations at shopping centres, airports, convention centres, theatres, commercial buildings, hospitals and casinos.

Its software features include monitoring overall availability of car park lots, displaying the number and direction of available lots in different zones/levels; manual operation for overriding; event, alarm and history logs; multi-tier security access to the system; back-up, restoration and housekeeping of the system and statistical databases; VIP, Public, Reserved and Handicap lot booking; automatic variable message scheduling and notifying the security when a vehicle is parked longer than the set duration.

Since the system is modular in design, failure of any component doesn’t affect its functionality. Besides, its self-diagnostic feature checks the status of all its sensors and controllers and on detecting a fault, triggers an alarm report to rectify the fault immediately.

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