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Saturday , 20 April 2024

Traffic Control systems by Siemens

Siemens Mobility’s UK division announced the first installation of its Plus+ traffic control system. The Plus+ uses distributed intelligence with simple power and data cabling to increase intersection availability and reduce overall installation and maintenance costs. Plus+ supports minimized disruption during installation and optimized traffic flow on the UK’s increasingly congested road network.

The new ST950 Plus+ system no longer uses many of the individual connections between signal heads and controllers. Instead, it uses simple four-core cables and intelligent communications to reduce the installation effort, as well as saving valuable resources.

In addition to the advantages coming from the quicker and safer installation and the robust nature of the design, the Plus+ system also includes enhanced ‘selfchecking’ and diagnostics which provides additional protection against false signals being shown on-street due to error or deliberate acts. If damage does occur to the traffic signals or controller, individual nodes can be ‘hot-swapped’, typically allowing maintenance to be undertaken while the traffic signals remain switched on.

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