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Wednesday , 19 June 2024

Texas drivers concerned about road safety

According to the Texas Safety Culture Survey, in Texas, USA, drivers have agreed that texting while driving is a major concern as there has been an 81% rise in the usage of mobile phones.

The survey, conducted by the Center for Transportation Safety at the Texas Transportation Institute in the last quarter of 2010, shows that out of the 1167 respondents more than 40% feel that speeding has increased in the last five years and 50% say that aggressive driving has become worse. One-third of the respondents say they feel less safe on the roads than how they felt five years ago. 50% of the drivers say vehicle safety is better while only 20% feel safer than before.

The drivers feel the use of red light cameras, sobriety checkpoints and the use of ignition interlock devices for drivers driving while intoxicated (DWI) are necessary. Seventy percent of them are in favour of helmets for all motorcyclists and a law to ban cell phone while driving.


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