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Thursday , 13 June 2024

Tata Motors and Dassault working on electric car

Tata Motors is working with French auto major Dassault to produce an electric car, eMO that would cost around ?10 lakh. The eMO concept was developed by the company?s Vehicle Programs & Development (VPD) Group which operates from four centres ? Pune, Detroit in the US, Coventry in the UK and Stuttgart in Germany, by using a multidimensional approach to vehicle engineering and development. The eMO concept car was showcased recently at the Detroit Auto Show as a part of the Michellin Design Challenge. The architecture of the car maximises the interior space while minimising the interior footprint. With its rear seats articulated, the vehicle can serve as a cargo carrier for personal use without the need and cost of having a dedicated trunk in the car. Green product materials are used in the manufacturing, assembly and other associated processes while the use of conventional body and paint shop that are environmentally polluting has been eliminated. Some of the advantages of the eMO over a conventional internal combustion engine are the smoother aerodynamic surfaces and shorter overhangs. Tata Technologies has completed the first feasibility study of the eMO using Dassault Systemes? 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.


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