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Wednesday , 15 May 2024

Tamil Nadu unveils mega road infrastructure plan

The Tamil Nadu government has announced plans for major road infrastructure construction. As part of the pans, two multi-lane flyovers in Chennai and a subway in the southern stretch of the Inner Ring Road near Puzhuthivakkam will be built. About 250km of highways will be widened in the expanded city limits of Chennai. Road safety in urban areas will be improved by construction of medians, installation of sensors, better road designs and widening narrow bridges. An existing bypass at Madurai would be widened to four-lane for about 27km between Madurai Mission Hospital and Kappalur and a high level bridge would be built at Salem. New foot over-bridges equipped with escalators will be built at Nanjundapuram and Coimbatore junctions. The new projects plans are estimated to cost `2,325.48 crore.

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