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Thursday , 30 May 2024

Tag Archives: vehicle Safety

Data for a Connected World in Motion

Visiting India throughout my life has given me an opportunity to see amazing transformations, especially over the last ten to fifteen years. Every visit allows me to see infrastructure improvements, new investments in mobility and increased connectivity. Connectivity is increasing around the world and by some estimates, we will have more than 200 billion internet-connected devices by 2020. As a ...

Vehicle Safety: Impediments to Road Safety Audits in India

In this Decade for Action on Road Safety, the best beginning to safer roads is by religiously taking up Road Safety Audits during the planning and designing stage itself. Dr Nishi Mittal, Head of Traffic Engineering & Safety at Central Road Research Institute, writes on the impediments faced in India on performing RSAs. Road accidents are a major cause of ...

Vehicle Safety: It’s time for a revolution!

A revolution is taking place in Pedestrian Protection. While immense research is on in passive and active safety, it is important to accomplish new tests scenario where preventive safety systems are allowed to be kept in active crash tests