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Thursday , 28 September 2023

Tag Archives: Urban Design

Urban Design Factors and the Use of Public Transport

As traffic congestion continues growing in urban areas, more and more people have realized that they should use public transport modes, such as metro, BRTS or buses, instead of private vehicles, because public transport modes are more efficient than private vehicles in terms of carrying and moving people with the same amount of road space. However, international experiences tell us ...

Urban Flyovers: Aesthetics and Infrastructure
City structures as urban sculptures

This paper by Sourabh Gupta, Principal Architect and Mridu Sahai, Creative Consultant, Archohm Consults, captures the importance of infrastructure in a developing nation and emphasises on the neglected aesthetic of it. It summarises the functionality of how infrastructure ? bridges in particular ? reflects the appetite and the direction a country takes on its path to development and depicts its pace of development.

Naya Raipur:An intersection of Transit, Urban Development and Urban Design

Naya Raipur in Chhattisgarh is being planned as a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) city ? first such city to be built in the country. TOD offers an entirely new perspective to both urban design and urban transit. It has the potential to solve urban transportation problems. Rajmohan Kurup takes a detailed look at the planning that is being done to ...